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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will answer your question on the best ways to advertise your business today.  We know these advertising techniques work since we tried everyone.

Advertise through Direct Mail, Coffee Mug Ad, and Social Media.

Direct Mail Postcard Mailers do they work?

The Answer is YES?  The best size postcard mailers to mail depends on the size.  If you want the best results you will use the following sizes 6.5 x 11″/12″ inches or 4.25 x 11″/12″.  Full color both sides with a great offer. That is a great Coupon Offer.  The best way to mail them to save you money is the EDDM program that the Post Office offers.  If you do not want the headache in mailing it yourself you contact a mailer like us.  The best way to save yourself alot of money is to do a Saturation Mailing.  This mailing saturates all the postal customer on the postal route.  Say ROO1 has 640 people in it and 20 businesses we would mail to all 660 people…If you need anymore information contact us in reference to your next mailing at 518-664-5353 or




 Coffee Mug Advertising do they work?

The Answer is YES?  For one of the best ways to reach your local advertiser is through coffee mug advertising. Why?  Its like having a miniature billboard your looking at right in front of you for 10-45 min. per day 365 days per year.  If a Coffee Mug has eight ads on it and they are 2″x1.5″ inches in size and full color, the only way you will not see that ad if your blind.  If you don’t see the ad the person sitting across from you will….and if you got a cell phone you can take a picture of it.  We feel they work better than a placemat since people will be looking at the mug longer in a relaxed atmosphere anywhere from 10-45 min.  This is a great way to advertise locally.  For more information contact 518-664-5353 or visit




What are the Best way’s to Advertise your Business in 2019?

The best way to advertise your business for 2019 our the following:

1.  Social Media- Google Ad Words, Facebook Ad Campaigns & Lead Generated Funnels

2.  Direct Postcard Mailers- great way for people to contact you in in different mailing zones.  If you cannot come up with a good coupon offer its worthless.

3.  Local Advertising Coffee Mug ads.  If the ad is a good size and full color it will work well.  Your potential customer will be looking at the ad anywhere from 10-45min. per day.  Better than a billboard and alot less in money.

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